Proton PDS 88 Media Shredder

SKU 20-PDS-88

The PDS 88 Solid State Shredder provides significant media shredding capability in a compact design suitable for an office. Meeting DoD, NSA, NIST, HIPAA and PCI standards, this shredder makes destruction of multiple media formats a one-push button operation.


  1. Meets DoD, NSA, NIST, HIPAA and PCI standards
  2. Shreds solid state drives, smart phones, flash media, optical media, USB sticks, credit cards and more
  3. Automatic reverse starts upon completion of shred cycle
  4. Push button control panel allows for one step operation
  5. Particle size: 0.15″W x 0.598″L (3.8 mm x 15.2 mm
  6. Feed opening: 7 in (17.78 cm)
  7. Power: 120 V/60 Hz/20 Amps or 220 V/50 Hz/Motor is 2.6 HP
  8. Collection volume: 14 Gallons (53 Liters)
  9. Cutting capacity per hour (approximately): 75-80 SSDs, 500 USB sticks/drives, 100 Cell Phones or 1500 CD/DVDs
  10. Transparent cover allows viewing during operation without risk of injury

Shipping within the continental US is included.


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