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Data Commander 4623 Fireproof LTO / Hard Drive Safe

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Product Description

Data Commander Fireproof Media Safes are engineered specifically to protect information that is stored digitally on tapes or hard drives from fire, water, magnetic interference, dust, humidity and theft.  These media safes withstand temperatures of 1850 degrees F for two hours, providing data management professionals with confidence and the peace of mind they deserve when storing high value data. 

*4 AAA batteries not included

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  • Tested and certified by SP Research Technical Institute in Sweden to protect data against damage from fire and heat for up to 2 hours at 1850 degrees F.
  • Safely stores approximately 960 LTO tapes, 840 3592 tapes, OR 252 3.5” hard drives (with or without “trays / sleds”).
  • Comes standard with 10 multi-media drawers and 4 adjustable shelves to store quantities listed above.
  • Additional pullout drawers available for purchase. The Data Commander 4623 can accommodate a maximum of 22 pullout drawers. This configuration provides more organization and easy access but may reduce quantities, for example, to 924 LTOs and 250 hard drives (hard drive capacities can't specified precisely as they come in many different shapes and sizes).
  • Optimal specialized “white glove” inside delivery is available to install the safe in the exact location the customer requires; packing materials are removed from the installation site - For more info, see Additional Delivery Options
  • Secured with electronic lock programmable with user’s own code.
  • 3 year material warranty and free lifetime replacement after exposure to fire.
  • Built with double door construction (2 set of doors) and internal water resistant seals.
  • Phoenix products marked as "water-resistant" are designed using internal seals and double-door construction to prevent water damage from fire hoses and sprinklers.

Weight: 1875 lbs
Inside Dimensions: 55.75" X 31" X 15.75"
Outside Dimensions: 68.75" X 47.25 " X 28.5 "


Class 125

Products that provide fire protection for computer media are listed on this website with the designation of “Class 125.” Tests for products designed to protect computer media range from 60 to 120 minutes in furnace-burn time, at temperatures ranging from 1700°F to 1859°F. By comparison, a typical fire lasts 20 minutes and reaches 800°F. During the fire test, the internal temperature of the product is monitored to ensure that it does not rise above a level that would endanger the computer media stored within the product. The designation tag also indicates the length of the fire test as “1 HR, 1 ½ HR, or 2 HR” and is located next to each model number.

Explosion Tested

Explosion-tested and designed to withstand temperature blasts of up to 2000°F.