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Turtle Case FAQs

1. What are Turtle Cases?  What are they designed to protect?

Since 1988 Turtle cases have been designed specifically to protect critical data on tapes and hard drives. As data density continues to increase, the need to provide maximum protection is paramount. We continue to improve the design and engineer our cases to provide the highest level of protection possible. Turtle cases are made exclusively in North America.

2. How does a Turtle Case uniquely protect stored data on tapes?

All Turtle models provide specific protection from:

  • impact
  • debris
  • extremes in temperature and humidity

In a nutshell, Turtles have molded slots and no exposed foam debris generating agents.

The Classic Turtle Case design employs molded plastic slots that securely hold the LTO cartridges in place, separate from one another. Classic cases also have two exterior walls for impact protection and insulation from temperature extremes.

Waterproof TeraTurtle cases employ a gasketed design that delivers an airtight, dustproof, waterproof interior along with a more heavy-duty exterior. Inside the TeraTurtle maximum impact protection is attained via a coated/sealed foam material that does not expose any foam debris. Double movement latches in the heavy duty Turtles provide a premium level of security.

 3. How does a Turtle Case uniquely protect stored data on hard drives?

  • It includes anti-static foam
  • The foam has slots laser cut to drive sizes
  • Heavy-duty waterproof case construction

4. How many tapes and/or hard drives does a Turtle Case hold?

There are nearly 100 different case models available. Capacities range from:

  • 1-50 for tapes
  • 1-33 for 3.5” hard drives
  • 1-84 for 2.5” hard drives
  • 33 for USB/Flash drives

5. What makes Turtle Cases “better” for LTOs and Hard Drives than other cases?   

Fit for purpose. Turtle cases are designed and built with features to protect recorded data media. 

Also, customers often mention that our double movement latches on our heavy duty cases are MUCH easier to use than our competitors. “I have broken finger nails on the competitor’s latches; never with a Turtle Case” one customer commented.

6. Are Turtle Cases fireproof?

The short answer is “no” and nor is any carrying case. Keeping the temperature low enough to preserve data would require thick walls of concrete and steel. Any case that would meet the tough data specification for keeping temperatures low would be far too heavy to carry.

Instead, Turtle cases are designed to protect against the more commonly occurring events that result in data loss: damage from impact (dropping), data loss from wound in debris and physical distortion from high heat/humidity.

7. What is the warranty on a Turtle Case?

We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If for ANY reason you are dissatisfied with your Turtle Case contact your reseller or us directly at 800.366.7535. We expect you to be completely satisfied with your Turtle products.

8. Are Turtle Cases tested and certified?

Yes, there are several testing processes that are used. One is internal and includes temperature protection as well as impact (drop tests) protection to guarantee that recorded data is not lost during normal handling when protected in a Turtle Case. In addition, Fuji Film has published testing results to certify that Turtle Cases protect data without loss when LTO tapes are stored and shipped. Lastly, the Cascade Technical Institute of Canada has conducted detailed testing on impact, water intrusion, airtight certification and crushproof certification on our heavy duty cases. All these testing documents are available.

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