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Media Cabinets and Racks FAQs

1. What products are the Turtle Media Cabinets and Rack designed to store?

The most common use of our cabinets and racks is to store LTO tape cartridges. However, the growth in the use of removable hard drives has resulted in the use of our cabinets and racks for HDs as well.

2. What’s the difference between a cabinet and a rack?

Cabinets are enclosed with doors and a lock so access is restricted.Racks are “open” shelving. This means the contents on the shelves are easily accessed as they are “sitting” on a shelf without being enclosed.

3. What are cabinets and racks made of? 

Heavy gauge steel is used in the construction.Then a high quality, long lasting powder coat paint finish is applied. These are tough, durable cabinets.

4. What is the warranty for racks and cabinets?

15 year manufacturing defect warranty applies to all Turtle racks and cabinets.

5. How many tapes can be stored on the racks?

On a single rack shelf 30 LTO tapes in their plastic boxes can be held. Multiply that times the number of shelves to see the rack capacity. 54” and 84” rack heights are available. Racks are offered in single-sided and double-sided designs. An 84” double-sided rack has 24 shelves total with a capacity for 720 LTO tapes.

6. How many tapes can be stored in a cabinet?

Cabinets are available in sizes from 36” high to 83” high. Multi-media roll out shelves are standard and LTO capacities from the smallest to the largest cabinet is from 465 to 1302.

7. What’s special about these media cabinets?

  • heavy gauge steel
  • aircraft cable bi-fold door closure with built-in lock
  • easy access sliding multi-media shelves

8. How long does delivery take?

All our cabinets and racks are built to order. Typical lead time is 5-6 weeks from receipt of order to shipment. Customer selects either beige, gray or black for color.