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Turtle/Phoenix Fireproof Media Safe FAQs

    1. What are Data Commander and Data Care series media safes designed to protect?
    These safes are designed to protect from fire damage to recorded data on computer tapes, hard drives and optical media. There are specific standards, known as Class 125, that are required to guarantee that over a period of time (typically 1.5-2 hours) and at a specific temperature level for the fire (typically 1850 degrees F) the temperature inside the safe does not reach a level where data is lost. NOTE: These specs are different (more stringent) from standard document safes.

    2. How many tapes or hard drives will the Data Commander and Data Care safes hold?

    Safe capacities vary by model. The smallest model will hold 14 tapes or drives and the largest will hold close to 1000. Note that there are many sizes of hard drives so capacity for those will vary greatly. We also offer a slotted, anti-static foam drawer insert for the Data Commander Series safes.

    For specifics please visit

    3. How many drawers or shelves can fit into a safe?

    Each model has a pre-configured number of drawers and shelves. These numbers can be modified, and it will affect the cost of the safe.

    4. How does shipping work for the safes?

    Customers must contact us at 763-230-3911 and provide location details to receive a dock-to-dock freight quote. Liftgate service can be added if the customer location does not have a dock.

    “White Glove” inside delivery can also be added. White glove inside delivery includes lift gate service, placement of safe inside and removal of packing material.

    For shipments outside the continental US crating is usually required. If you require delivery outside the continental US or special services (liftgate or inside delivery) call to Perm-A-Store (763-230-3911) to determine these details or request a quote.

    5. What is the warranty on Data Commander and Data Care safes? 

    All safes carry a three year parts and labor warranty against manufacturer defects. All safes also carry a lifetime “Free after a Fire” replacement.

    6. Are there hazardous materials in the Data Commander and Data Care series safes?