Proton 105 LTO, Hard Drive Multi-Media Shredder

SKU 20-PDS-105

The Proton 105 Multi Media Shredder destroys multiple media formats and, with the optional conveyor belt, provides fast, continuous industrial sized efficiency and complies with DoD and NSA standards.


  1. Meets DoD, NSA, NIST, HIPAA and PCI standards
  2. Shreds hard drives, solid state dries, flash media, credit cards, CDs/DVD's, optical media and magnetic tapes up to 3.5″
  3. Automatic stop and reverse to clear jams
  4. Optional conveyor belt for automatic e-waste disposal
  5. Voltage/Frequency: 3 x 208V / 60Hz/Horsepower: 4 + 4 + 1.34 hp
  6. Throat size: 10"
  7. Decibel rating: 65-78
  8. 2500 throughput per hour

Shipping within the continental US is included.

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