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Hard Drive Cases

Hard Drive Cases

Waterproof Hard Drive Cases

Hard drives are the prevailing data storage choice in today’s world. The ease with which they can be written, overwritten, and downloaded from makes them ideal for many applications. To protect these important devices during transportation and storage, look no further than Turtle Case’s waterproof hard drive cases. Physical damage and static charge are the most common threats to hard drive integrity. With Turtle Case’s waterproof hard drive cases, you won’t have to worry about them ever again.

Turtle Waterproof Hard Drive Cases utilize custom anti-static foam inserts, cut to the proper dimensions, for cases ranging in capacity from 1 to 84 drives per case (depending on drive size). Keep your data safe with a waterproof hard drive case today!

2.5" HD Case Collection Data Sheet

3.5" HD Case Collection Data Sheet

External Drive Case Collection Data Sheet

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